The New Frigidaire Professional Line

The New Frigidaire Professional Line

Preparing dinner? Easy.

Preparing dinner?

Imagine the following scenario. Your friends have just arrived at your house and they’re starving. How about oven baked pasta?

You open your refrigerator and easily reach for the necessary ingredients to make some quick and delicious pasta. With your Frigidaire hob, the water boils in an instant and before you know it, the scrumptious tomato sauce is ready. Meanwhile, your fantastic cooking hood takes care of the garlic smell. With the help of your Frigidaire appliances your meal is done in no time and your friends are happy and satisfied.

Now, what about the mess left behind? Not to worry. Your Frigidaire oven cleans itself and is left spotless and shiny with minimal effort on your part. 

We present to you the new Frigidaire Professional Line. An array of products designed to help you spend less time with home chores and more time enjoying the company of your friends and family.  

The Refrigerator and Freezer of Your Dreams

The oven that cleans itself

Make your kitchen unique. Choose from our wide range of refrigerators and freezers to give your kitchen a modern touch. Their ample space allows you to organize them in accordance to your specific needs. Some are equipped with tempered glass shelves and humidity controlled drawers and they all provide you with upmost flexibility. The stainless steel Smudge Proof doors make for easy cleaning; simply wipe with a cloth and they will look as good as new! 
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Hob that Boils Water in No Time

The hob that boils water in no time

Our new induction hob drastically reduces boiling time and cooks at maximum speed. Our hob also includes a timer on the plate that allows the plate to automatically shut off once the timer hits zero at which time an acoustic alarm will notify you that your meal is ready. 
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The Dishwasher that Saves You Time and Money

The hood that keeps your kitchen fresh

Our dishwasher helps you save time in the kitchen so you can do the things you really enjoy. Its extraordinary design with stainless steel makes it an ideal complement to all types of kitchens. Save more than 60% of the water that you would spend washing dishes by hand. 
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