Frigidaire appliances are designed to work in harmony for your comfort. Therefore, if you already have a Frigidaire washer, you’ll surely find the perfect dryer to go with it.


There is no need for a huge drying center in order for the drying process to be comfortable. Frigidaire dryers adapt to any space and provide you with the flexibility and ease of installation that you need.  

Our condensing dryers can be placed virtually anywhere in your home without the need of ventilation. The residual humidity that generates during the wash cycle is stored in a special recipient which allows you to easily dispose of it whenever you choose.

If you are planning on placing your dryer near an outside wall then your best bet is a dryer with ventilation. The humid air is expelled through a vent kit which has 3 positions for the different sized orifices in the wall.  

These dryers are ideal for homes with less space. They can be placed independently, on top of a washer with a tower kit or even mounted on the wall. 

Energy Savings

With our 7kg washers, you may dry many garments in just one cycle. This allows you to save time and energy as well as have your clothes ready quicker.



Frigidaire dryers, big and small, allow you to dry different amounts of laundry at once, saving you time and money.

The times in which you had to divide your laundry load are over. Now, you can easily dry large laundry loads and voluminous garments in our 7kg machines. 


We believe that doing laundry should not take up our whole weekend especially if we could better spend our time on more relaxing and enjoyable activities. 

Automatic and Manual Spin 
The spin speed may be reduced automatically or manually for a program that is tailored to your needs. This way, you may take your laundry out of the dryer whenever you need to.